A Preemptive Strike in the War on Christmas

Jesus never commanded, suggested, or even hinted at the idea that his followers should celebrate his birth; he did command that his followers imitate his death (e.g., Matt. 26:24).

Jesus, therefore, would likely be baffled at the so-called “war on Christmas.”  He probably wouldn’t care in the least that there are people or especially companies that did not actively or enthusiastically celebrate something he never indicated that people should celebrate.

I personally love Christmas.  I love the decorations, the lights, the food, the music, and family time.  But if others don’t want to participate in the holiday, that is fine too.  If we demand others (whether people or companies) to participate in Christmas, then it lessens it.  Enforced holidays cannot be enjoyed; that is, there is not joy.  If a person, group, or company wants to opt out, that’s ok.  I’ll still celebrate it.  If they wish me a merry Christmas, I’ll say thank you.  If they wish me a happy holidays, I’ll say thank you.  If they wish me a happy Hanukkah, even though I’m not Jewish, I’ll say thank you.  If people or companies want to opt-in, that’s fine too, but only after Thanksgiving.

Indeed, I don’t want to see Christmas decorations or hear Christmas music until after I’ve eaten my turkey.  Indeed, that is the real war, the war on Thanksgiving.  That is the time I want to spend with friends and family and not worry about buying Christmas presents.  If there is something I have a problem with, it is companies starting black Friday on my holiday of Thanksgiving, forcing their workers to separate from their families.  Kudos to those companies that have not been tempted to pull back black Friday into Thanksgiving Thursday.


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