Hi Everyone, and welcome to my ever-evolving blog.

I’m Dr. Jaeda C. Calaway.  I received my Ph.D. from the Department of Religion at Columbia University, and I currently teach at Illinois College.  

My research focuses on crossing boundaries of space & time, heaven & earth, human & divine & animal, and, finally, male & female.

My earliest research plays around with spatial and spatial-temporal theory and the New Testament, especially the Epistle to the Hebrews (a homily unlimited!).

I also have peered into ancient discussions of Moses’ divine visions as he stood in ancient Jewish and Christian readings of his story on the threshold between human and divine, showing what it means to be human in the overwhelming presence of the divine. Ultimately, this research asks how did especially ancient Christians answer the questions of: who can see God and why? And why does it matter? Check out my latest book, The Christian Moses: Vision, Authority, and the Limits of Humanity in the New Testament and Early Christianity from McGill-Queensland University Press for the results!

I’m currently working on a project investigating Animals & Animality in the Gospels, which is nearing completion!

Finally, I am hoping to initiate a series of trans-aware interventions with biblical and related sources, in a developing project called Trans/Textuality: Transgender Entanglements with Biblical Traditions. I’ve started a resource page for this project, and all are welcome to check it out.

Courses Taught:

Information Literacy

Leveling Up in the Library

General Literature & Religion

Literature of the Humanities

Introduction to the Religions of the World

Interfaith Studies

Abraham: Muslim-Christian-Jew (also as Abrahamic Faiths)

Global Christianity & Diversity (also as Questions of Christianity)

Women in Islam

Exploring Mysticism

Interpreting Religious Experience

Writing Satan

Religion, Society, and Culture

Religion and Sports

Religion and Film

Jesus at the Movies

Religion and the Environment

Religion, Agriculture, and Ecology

Bible, Ancient Judaism, Ancient Christianity

Intro to Biblical Studies

Intro to Hebrew Bible / Old Testament

Intro to New Testament

Sex, Gender, and the Bible / Sexuality and Christianity

Forbidden Scriptures / Lost Books of the Bible

Jesus & the Gospels

Languages Taught

Intro to Biblical Hebrew

Intro to Classical Greek

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