Trans/Textuality Passages

I hope to develop accessible discussions of Biblical passages that could be relevant for trans folks. Right now I plan to organize by biblical book and/or topic. Here are some initial topical thoughts. I will offer posts or series of posts for each topic, and the link them here. I am also offering some of this for academic audiences, and so will also hyperlink any discussions of a more academic nature, with which non-academics are more than welcome to engage. Please see my idiosyncratic discussion of books and articles relating to trans readings here, and my working bibliography here.

Trans-Spirituality: The Spirit Blows (biblical books: Genesis 1, John 3, Acts 2, 1 Corinthians 12 & 14, other?) on the (gender-)fluid spirit…

The Spirit Blows (Introduction)

The Fullness of God’s Image (biblical books: Genesis 1, Matthew 19, Galatians 3:28, other?; extra-biblical traditions: Philo, Gospel of Thomas, other?)

Discussion of individual figures: particularly Jacob (Genesis), Tamar (Genesis), Jael (Judges), Mordechai (Esther).

Changing name/purpose/calling/(public) identity – Abram/Abraham//Sarai/Sarah, Jacob/Israel, Saul/Paul, etc.

Jesus’ Birth (Matthew; Luke; Proto-Gospel of James)

This is My Glorified Body: Paul’s Concept of Resurrection (Mostly 1 Corinthians 15, but also Philippians, among a smattering of other passages).

I have already started working on a discussion of Paul’s concept of resurrection as a transformation. I will be presenting on in at the annual meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature in Denver (2022). See my initial abstract here.

I think I should expand to Gospel of John’s (as well as Luke’s?) post-resurrection appearances and the synoptic gospels’ (and Philip’s) version of the transfiguration narratives.

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