Animals in the Gospel of Thomas (INTRO)

In addition to considering animals in the canonical gospels, where I will largely proceed by topic (eating animals, working animals, animals at metaphor, etc.), I also plan to work through some of the extra canonical gospels as well, in which I will proceed throughout one gospel at a time. These issues will ultimately intersect: one can analyze how the different kinds of representations of animals in the canonical gospels and extra-canonical gospels intersect.

I plan to begin the extra-canonical investigation with what is largely considered the most important extra-canonical gospel: The Gospel of Thomas.

The Gospel of Thomas includes references to animals or animality in the following sayings: 3, 7, 8, 39, 47, 60, 86, 90, 93, 102, 107. Most of these parallel the canonical gospels; others do not. I hope to work through a couple of these per posting with my own translation of the Coptic (and sometimes Greek) as I proceed. Keep an eye out of these if you are interested!


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