Library of Early Christology

A little over a week ago, I realized I really needed a copy of Charles Gieschen’s Angelomorphic Christology for my current project on Christian interpretations of Moses’ visions.  I asked my IWU colleague, Kevin Sullivan, to borrow his copy.  Since Sullivan is a specialist in angel traditions, I thought it would be a safe bet that he would have a copy.  But he had lent his out to someone else.  He pointed me to this new series by Baylor University Press, though, called Library of Early Christology.  Baylor is republishing books that had previously been published by super expensive presses like Mohr Siebeck (where I published my first solo-authored book) and Brill for more reasonable prices (most books are just short of $40, some just short of $30, from Baylor).

These include not only Gieschen’s monograph, but also the first monograph of one of my undergraduate mentor, April DeConick (Seek to See Him), as well as the dissertation and one of the early books by my Doktorvater, Alan Segal (Two Powers in Heaven & The Other Judaisms of Late Antiquity).  It also has one of the books of DeConick and Gieschen’s Doktorvater, Jarl Fossum (Name of God and Angel of the Lord).  And more!

It’s a good deal and a nice way to expand one’s personal library.


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